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How much is the cost of a registration?

The cost of filing a U.S. Application in one class of goods or services is $600, including the government fee. The cost of defending the application at the U.S. Trademark Office will vary, but should not exceed $500 for routine matters.

Should I get a search and opinion of the trademark?

If you have not been using the trademark for some time, we suggest that we provide you a clearance opinion of the trademark. The cost of searching of current users of the trademark, both registered and unregistered is usually $500-$1000. Prudence dictates that you spend money up front to assure smooth sailing down the road, both during prosecution at the Trademark Office and against unknown users.

What are classes of goods and services?

Every trademark application has to list what goods and services will be used with the given mark. Goods and Services classes are defined by international treaties and allow for standardization of trademark registrations. In the U.S. all trademark fees are paid per international class. Therefore, the $325 application filing fee for one class will jump to $650 if the application spans two classes of goods. The U.S. Trademark Office provides a look-up tool to determine what class your goods are categorized in online at:

Should I register my trademark?

Registration provides benefits but is not necessary for all trademarks. A significant benefit of registration is that it establishes proof of first use with an independent third party (U.S. Trademark Office). Registration allows you to use the ® symbol. Most dispute systems with social media companies require you to have an active trademark registration.

What about registrations with states?

We do not recommend filing for trademark registrations on the state level.

What about other countries?

Our office can represent you in filing in multiple countries through the Madrid protocol. The costs of these filings are highly variable but can be a cost-effective way of protecting your trademark portfolio abroad.

What are costs associated with a trademark registration?

There are maintenance fees due 6 years after registration and then again, every 10 years after registration. The cost of maintaining a trademark registration is approximately $75 per class per year.

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