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How much will it cost to respond?

The cost depends on the basis of the rejection. For routine matters the cost could be as low as $500. For more complicated matters the costs can be higher, for example if it is necessary to analyze earlier registrations the cost could be as high as $1500. In some cases, it may be cheaper to refile the application.

Will you be able to overcome the rejection?

Technical rejections can be overcome in almost all circumstances. If the Examining Attorney has rejected your case due to similarity with earlier trademark registrations success cannot be guaranteed. These are rejections under Sec. 2(d). We will advise you before beginning work on your chances to obtain a registration.

How much time to I have to respond to the U.S. Trademark Office?

Six months from the date of mailing of the registration. To find the date of mailing, put in your serial number in http://tsdr.uspto.gov and click on the “Documents” tab.

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