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Intellectual Property Legal Services

Intellectual property law is an area of law which stands apart from just about every other area.

While there are areas of overlap with some other types of law, most intellectual property issues matters deal with one of four types of intellectual property issues:

  • Patents
    are a special government monopoly-created given to creators of new ideas, such as inventions.  Patents give the inventors an opportunity to recoup the cost of research and development.
  • Copyright
    is another government-created monopoly, this one designed to encourage the protection of specific expressions of ideas.
  • Trademarks
    prevent customers from being confused when trying to identify the source of a product or service.
  • Trade Secret
    an area of law designed to protect those who want to maintain certain information away from the general public.


Many deadlines exist to secure protection for your ideas and works. We urge you to contact our office and discuss the costs of the alternative types of intellectual property protection that may be suitable to your project.

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