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Cherskov Flaynik & Gurda, LLC employs the following professionals:

Mr. Cherskov has expertise in prosecuting chemical, biotechnology, and mechanical engineering patent applications to issuance in such diverse areas as electric car electrode fabrication, composites, coal flotation methodologies, nuclear reactor targets and containment building structures, low-level waste containment, DNA sequencing, protein engineering, and plasmid/bacteriophage applications.

Mr. Cherskov also has extensive experience both in prosecuting trademark applications and in patent, copyright, licensing, and trade secret litigation matters.

Mr. Flaynik has prosecuted a myriad of electrical and mechanical engineering applications to issuance, including defense contract technologies in the areas of optical fiber technology, ground proximity warning systems, and optical disk changers.

Mr. Flaynik also has developed an expertise in domestic and trademark prosecution matters.

Mr. Flaynik has extensive experience in licensing and litigation matters.

Mr. Gurda is a member of the Illinois Bar, the Federal Bar, and the patent bar.

Mr. Gurda prosecutes patent applications before the U.S. Patent Office and abroad. He is fluent in Polish.

Yi Lu is an associate of the firm. Mr. Lu holds a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanics from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China and a LL.M. from Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois.

Mr. Lu is a member of the California Bar and the U.S. Patent Bar. Mr. Lu is also a member of the Shanghai Bar Association and All China Patent Attorney Association.

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